We also work with contractors and their subcontractors to create pre-construction BUILDING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT (BIM) models. BIM models are analized for clashes between different systems, energy consumption, code compliance, structural integrity and construction estimating and sequencing.

Our experience with BIM includes clash detection models for major hospital expansions, high-rise office builings, football stadiums, major office campus and transit terminals.


Transbay Transit Center, San Francisco, CA

Masonry BIM models and shop drawings for concrete masonry walls for this major transit center project.

San Luis Abispo Airport Terminal, San Luis Abispo, CA

Masonry shop drawings for an airport terminal.

Cal Berkeley Stadium

FLEX Architecture completed BIM models for the concrete masonry units for this project. Models used for dimensional vrerification and to determine horizontal coursing and expansion joint location.

49er Stadium

We produced shop drawings for location of expansion joints in  the concrete masonry walls.


FLEX Architecture produced deferred approval documents and BIM models for use in construction on this major remodel to a Nordstrom in Marin County.